Article Integrate video chat on your retail/ecommerce website

Video calling for retail is in. Customers want to see products live, or shop virtually without spending hours waiting on phone or chat.

Colors, logos, and font.

That’s what most people think of when they think of building a brand.

But they are not the only ones that make your brand memorable or exciting for your customers.

Your brand captures everything about how someone does business with you, from the very first time they hear your name to their latest purchase.

In other words, it’s your customer experience that defines your brand.

In today’s highly competitive landscape, customers expect top-notch experiences from brands like yours - right from sales to post-purchase support.

Enter live video calling. It has opened up a whole new way of solving customer problems in real time. Rather than asking them to go through previously recorded shopping videos, support articles, or to-and-fro messages - live video shopping enables you to assist your customers at every step of their journey with you.

Data backs this up too. Let me explain.

Need for live video shopping and the rise of shopatainment

According to analysts, live shopping sales may make up 20% of all eCommerce sales by 2026. Also, the live stream eCommerce market is predicted to reach $35 billion in 2024, which is a threefold increase from 2021.

With a majority of shoppers wanting their brands to become more digitally innovative, live video commerce can be leveraged to reach that level. In fact, it is used by 78% of eCommerce for building stronger connections with their audience.

Going further deep, here’s where live video shopping can come in handy:

Selling high-value products:

  • Premium products require more than just images to sell. Customers expect to treat them as special and receive as much product info and special attention as possible.
  • One-to-one video shopping can dedicate a sales agent specifically for this cause and can help you not just to sell, but build a strong relationship for the long run.

Reduced returns, higher satisfaction, and trust

  • Images speak better than words, and videos speak louder than images.
  • With live video shopping, customers know what they’ll be getting to avoid the laborious to and fro process in the name of ‘support’.
  • The return rates are much lower than conventional selling as customers have got a sneak peek of the product building trust and satisfaction in the process.

Faster sales cycles

This is very true for impulse buying. The intent is already high and a live product demo will help you close it only faster.

Cost-effective. More revenue.

  • All you have to do is to invest in your sales agents or influencers who can do the streaming for the product.
  • Pro tip: As it provides a digitalized brick-and-mortar experience - you can leverage the existing store space to do more sales to your online customers without opening a new store.

Challenges using Zoom, Google Meet, WebRTC, and other solutions

Small brands, to stay cost-effective, mostly use free video calling solutions via Zoom, Google Meet, Telegram, or WhatsApp. But there are a lot of challenges that come along the way.

  1. First, using free apps requires login requirements on both sides, and extra app downloads which can be a pain in the a**.
  2. Multiple clicks and processes before landing up on a call losing high-intent customers with every click.
  3. Not scalable as you can handle only one customer at a time.
  4. You can’t schedule, track, or record calls. Or you can’t capture them on your CRM for future reference.

So how can you build a better customer experience? By making your customers' lives easier. In today’s digitally connected era, embedding video conferencing directly within your website or app gives you a powerful, seamless customer experience.

If you are thinking about WebRTC, the integration itself is a lengthy process and demands a lot of effort to complete. Moreover, the solution is pricey $$$ and difficult to maintain in the longer run.

Finally, addressing the elephant in the room - integrate video shopping to your website and apps in 3 easy steps:

No-code, easy, 5-min integration Yup, all you’ve to do is to copy and paste our JS code to your website and you’re good to go.

Simple workflow management Your agents need no special training except for a few basic hygienes.

Easy integration with your existing CRM Never let a lead slip past your fingers by integrating and storing the data on your CRM instantly. You can use this for future promotions and events.

Bonus: Dedicated account manager just for your brand It is the cherry on the cake that we currently offer to our new customers. We dedicate a Customer Success Manager to you to help you from onboarding to every step of your journey with us.

Love to see a live demo? Let’s quickly get on a chat.