Why not WhatsApp?


Why not WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is best suited for personal conversations between friends and family. Gumstack is
best suited for enabling communication between business and customers.

Why you should use Gumstack

Multiple agent support

Add as many agents to your account and allow them to accept calls from customers.

Schedule working hours

Automatically schedule callback appointments outside office hours or when agents are busy.

Build trust using video first communication

Gumstack encourages a audio/video first interaction, avoiding long running low-engagement chat messages.

Frictionless for customers, privacy for you

No switching between apps: customers can shop with you directly from any web browser. You can keep your personal phone numbers private - only your website or short vanity url is available to a visitor.

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You are in good company

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Sameen Eajaz

COO, Co-Founder, Koskii

“The app is exactly what we were looking for and has helped us add another sales channel very quickly.”

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