Easiest way to integrate video calling for your website or app

Stop messing around with WebRTC frameworks and libraries. Integrate video calls into your app in under 5 minutes.

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Why gumstack?

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No-code/Low-code integration ptions

Integrate video calling with your Shopify store using our app. Use Google Tag Manager on any website. Or request an integration to your website platform.

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Simple Video Calling API

Enable calling with just a few lines of code. Route calls to a specific user, or a team.

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Manages scheduling & availability

Gumstack automatically manages scheduling across agents. Agents can sync their calendars to manage their availability.

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Ideas to integrate Gumstack on your website/app

Offer live consulting from your app

Great for fitness, wellness and beauty consultant apps.

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Connect buyers with merchants
on your marketplace

Enable secure, anonymous audio/video calls
between your buyers and merchants.

Offer live shopping from your
Android/iOS app

Integrate live shopping directly into your
e-commerce app on iOS and Android.

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