Convert your service team into
sales ninjas

Assist shoppers with their purchase using live video. Allow shoppers to check availability of products, clarify
questions or help with a purchase without your customer stepping inside your store.

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Increase AOV

Customers calling you over video tend to have
a much higher order/basket value. Help
complete their purchase to give a boost to
your AOV.

Reduce Returns

Avoid returns by addressing customer queries before
they place an order. Allow them to see products up
close and have a sales agent speak to them to reduce
costly returns.

Differentiate your brand

Offer personalized shopping experience that
cannot be matched by large
eCommerce platforms.

Fix issues faster with video

Reduce resolution times by
supporting customers over video call

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You are in good company

Gumstack allows your customers to call you directly from your online store, and get them to video
shop with the help of your agents

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Sameen Eajaz

COO, Co-Founder, Koskii

“The app is exactly what we were looking for and has helped us add another
sales channel very quickly giving our customers a discovery platform to explore
high asp products”

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Ready to meet your customers face to face?